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Chantier Naval Croisicais - Accomplishments


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La Renaissance / La Voie du Nord

Sister ships measuring 18.30 metres

Sister ships measuring 18.30 metres, built for New Caledonia's Baby Blue, these two units are from a series of ships that started with the construction of Saraswati and Mammouth.

Although their hulls are identical, these ships are equipped differently in order to accommodate different fittings.

With top-of-the-line equipment, La Renaissance and La Voie du Nord are scheduled to sail for about ten days along the Caledonian coastline. These independent vessels come with a machine that produces 2.5 tons of ice daily. Freshwater is produced onboard to meet onboard and ice production needs Electricity is supplied using a 230/400v hydraulic generator. A 64 kVA standby generator can take over when the engine is off. Although the entire ship can be powered by two separate sources, the hydraulic fishing pump is also served by a hydraulic pump.

The fish unloading equipment is powered by a 2t/m hydraulic crane.