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Chantier Naval Croisicais - Business


Extensive experience

Nearly four decades of business and more than 180 ships built, ranging 8 to 25 metres, Chantier Naval Croisicais has become an expert in designing, building, and repairing composite ships.

In an ongoing effort to maximise safety, Chantier Naval Croisicais has been a member of the Pays-de-la-Loire Regional Safety Commission (which recently became the CRS Nord Atlantique - Manche Ouest) since 1988. It maintains close relationships with shipbuilding safety centres in France and the Overseas Departments and Territories in order to build ships that are fully compliant with existing regulations. It maintains a similar relationship with the Bureau Veritas, which is responsible for issuing freeboard certificates.


The company’s expertise with composite materials helps it to build commercial fishing boats as well as passenger boats and servant ships. These custom-designed ships are built according to specifications that are developed in close collaboration between the customer, the shipyard, and outside parties, if necessary. Although most of these ships operate in metropolitan waters, many units officiate in Overseas Departments or in foreign countries.

Repairs and ship conversion

Besides boat repairs, painting, general maintenance, and even remodelling, Chantier Naval Croisicais can convert, repair, or bring your ship into compliance with standards.

Known for its quality construction, CNC can even renovate old ships, whether for regulatory purposes or simply to improve its performance. Because alterations are subject to regulations, Chantier Naval Croisicais must manage the entire project when working with maritime authorities and classification societies.

Osmosis treatment

With machinery designed to treat your hull against osmosis, CNC can appraise your ship and oversee the entire process of restoring your hull.

Composite and woodwork

At your request, we can fit out and laminate vehicles for wholesale fish merchants, fishermen, market gardeners, and other business activities.