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Chantier Naval Croisicais - From fishing to recreation

From fishing to recreation

In 2010, rich in experience in professional shipbuilding, CNC Plaisance was formed. Our goals are to diversify our production, penetrate the recreational market, and to apply our expertise to serve an increasingly demanding clientele.

At first, CNC Plaisance was focused on developing a quality product, which had to be different from what already exists on the market, manufactured using another material in order to offer an alternative to composite hulls, which are already common in the region. We chose a new line of aluminium boats built by a French shipyard in northern China. After several months of travel and discussions with the partner shipyard and the architect, the first ship in the Swordfish line (INPI registered trademark by the CNC), called the Swordfish 580 Open, first appeared on the market.

Secondly, in addition to the recreational activity from recreational boating, we hope to position ourselves in the yacht market. Our custom boating expertise and our production skills provide us with true legitimacy for building yachts of up to 25 metres long.