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Chantier Naval Croisicais - Production resources

Production resources

Tools for measuring your projects

With a 5000 m² landside port in Le Croisic, Chantier Naval Croisicais has direct access to the sea via a 180-ton port lift, which belongs to the Pays-de-la-Loire Mixed Economy Corporation (SEM), but is managed and operated by us.

Designed to accommodate ships directly in the shipyard and in the dock for launching to sea, manoeuvring is easy and safe.

The 1600m² workshop has two halls:

  • A heated hall for manufacturing hulls
  • Another hall for assembly and fitting

Equipped with a 5-ton bridge crane, working along the entire length and width of the building, each hall is high below deck and under the portal, allowing access to the port lift during launch.

The 180m² office is used for reception, administration, and research, with hardware and software tools for designing ships (drawing plans, performing calculations, etc.).

vue aérienne

Production equipment and machinery

  • A complete carpentry workshop with a circular saw, a band saw, a planer, a jointer, a shaper, a mortiser, and portable machinery
  • Five resin spraying machines
  • An RTM machine (low pressure injection)
  • A vacuum pump for producing a vacuum
  • Cutting table
  • Storage warehouse
  • Airless painting tools
  • Two osmosis treatment units (HOTVACK system)
  • Two forklifts
  • Two hydraulic lifts
  • And more